If you love editing with warm + earthy tones, these presets are for you! My pack of presets comes with 3 color presets and one black and white! I use these for all of my photos and in many different kinds of lighting.  My goal is to help you love the editing process and find YOUR own style. I have tried these presets on all sorts of photos and am so excited to share them with the world! They are easy to use, keep tones natural and earthy, and are easy to tweak to your style.

While they work on many types of photos and lighting, they will not work on poorly exposed or composed images. Your unique style and eye is what makes an amazing photo, a preset will just enhance the skill you already have!

  I hope you enjoy experimenting with these colors and tones as much as I do!

 All sales are final!


Neutral 1

This is my go to preset for most of my photos! Neutral undertones, muted yellows and creamy skin tones.



I use this preset when I want the blues to pop in warmer lighting. This preset still has muted undertones, but cool split toning and shadows.


My go to for all backlit, sunny shoots! Use this when you want a golden glow and warmer undertones.


I love black and white photos! Classic and beautiful. This is my favorite coloring for B+W images.